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If you have been convicted of any crime, or if charges are pending, or if you have unpaid child support or unpaid student loans or delinquent state income taxes, please check with the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission before enrolling in any courses.

You may require pre-approval before obtaining your license.


I, ___________________________________ (please print your name) hereby enroll in the broker online course of 90 credit hours at TULSA SCHOOL OF REAL ESTATE. I agree to pay tuition of $499.00. I agree to pay an administrative fee of $25.00 for returned checks. No refunds will be available for tuition after 3 business days from the date of my enrollment. I understand I must return the book at my cost prior to receiving a refund.
I understand that my enrollment is only valid for 6 months from the date on this registration form. If I have not completed the course and sample tests within 6 months of my enrollment I will have to re-enroll, and pay for the course again.
Further, I understand that the final exam at the Real Estate Commission is NOT open-book. Therefore, the sample pre-license tests made available to me through Tulsa School of Real Estate are NOT open-book and must be taken WITHOUT THE USE OF THE Oklahoma Real Estate Principles BOOK, or any other resource in order for Tulsa School of Real Estate to accurately assess my ability to pass this pre-license course and the final examination at the Real Estate Commission.
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